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What is Crypto Royale game? Full tutorial of Crypto Royal game

What is Crypto Royale game? Full tutorial of Crypto Royal game

What is Crypto Royale game? A question that has attracted the attention of many gamers and those interested in making money from Metaverse. Crypto Royale is actually a web game like Oxy Infinity, except that this game is free. The exclusive token of the crypto game is called Royal Roy, which is given to players as a reward after winning battles. The interesting thing about Crypto Royale game is that there is no need to download, install or register the game; Also, players do not need to pay to start the game.

These things have caused many people to be interested in this fascinating game and they have a question, what is the Crypto Royale game? And what is the reason for its popularity? In this article, we are going to introduce and review the Crypto Royale game, so stay with us.

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Gameplay of Crypto Royale

The gameplay of this game is very simple and its creators have modeled it on rock-paper-scissors game. At the beginning of the game, each player is given three spheres. These spheres are given to players with the names Magenta (purple), Cyan (turquoise) and Yellow (yellow) along with 100 HP (health).

Crypto Royale game rules

Encounter rules

The rule of engagement in this game is such that each sphere has more power than the other spheres (just like the rock-paper-scissors game). In fact, the turquoise sphere beats the purple sphere, the purple sphere defeats the yellow sphere, and finally the yellow sphere defeats the turquoise sphere. These rules are exactly the rules of rock-paper-scissors. It is also better to know that when these spheres collide and enter into battle, they will receive the victory color of 50% of the losing sphere’s health.

Colored boxes

In the Crypto Royale game, there are boxes, each of which differs from each other in terms of functionality. Colored boxes add to your health and actually increase your health. When you use a box, the color of your sphere will change to the color of the box. Keep in mind that picking up shiny boxes will also give you a small amount of Roy Tokens.


It is better to know that the Crypto Royale game is on the web and users can play with both computers and phones. In the desktop version, the mouse pointer is used to determine the direction of movement of the spheres, and by clicking, the speed of the movement of the spheres is increased. Of course, many professional players use the keyboard TAB key to increase the speed of the ball to make the game easier.

Now playing Crypto Royale on the phone is a little different. In this way, with the first touch, the direction of the sphere is determined, and with the second touch, the speed of your sphere increases. However, keep in mind that a speed boost uses up 25% of your HP.

If your HP is below 25, the ability to increase the speed of the orb is lost, making you an easy target. Therefore, eating boxes is very important in this game.

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What is Crypto Royale Game Token?

As mentioned in what is Crypto Royale game, the token of this game is called ROY. ROY is an exclusive token of HRC-20 type, which is located on the platform of Harmony network. So far, only 400 million ROY tokens have been released to the market, and according to the white paper of this game, 230 million units of ROY tokens will be burned in the future. After winning each battle, players are rewarded with some ROY tokens, which are stored in the Crypto Royale in-game wallet.

If players need to withdraw and use tokens, they can transfer their assets from the in-game wallet to their Metamask wallet. Read this article for instructions on how to use the Metamask wallet. Currently, the price value of Roy token (ROY) is 0.05573 dollars, equivalent to 4.714 Tomans. If you are planning to invest in Crypto Royale Game Token, I suggest you view the cryptocurrency tutorial before making any investment.

For more information about the price and future of the ROY token, check its price chart:

How to buy ROY token

Many reputable exchanges have not included the crypto royale game token in their list yet; But currently, users can buy and sell ROY token in the Viperswap decentralized exchange, which also operates on the Harmony network platform.

NFT tokens in Crypto Royale game

The creators of this game have added skins in NFT format to this game in recent updates. In fact, these skins were made as the inner skins of spheres, and getting them is completely random. Usually, these skins are randomly given to players after each battle victory. To learn more about NFT tokens, read the NFT definition article. In crypto royale, there are five different types of skins that you can view in order of value:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

As you can see, each of these skins is more valuable than the other, and ultimately the chances of getting skins that are more valuable are less. Note that players can also purchase these skins directly from the store. Owners of these skins can also receive rewards with their sticks, and this is another way to earn money from the crypto royale game. Players can also sell the obtained skins in the crypto royale internal market. Now that you are fully familiar with the Crypto Royale game and understand the importance of NFT tokens, don’t miss the free NFT tutorial.

Crypto Royale game tutorial

So far, we have fully answered the question of what is the Crypto Royale game; Now it’s time to play crypto royale. As mentioned, Crypto Royale can only be played on a browser. So, to start the game, first go to On the first page of the game, there are four modes to start the game:


However, players can play with bots for free and receive a small amount of rewards.


This part is free like the previous part but has better rewards as you can engage in battle with other players.

Low Stakes

Unlike the previous two modes, this mode is not free and players must pay a ROY token to start the game. The rewards you get in this section are much more valuable.

High Stakes

And in the last part, users must first pay 10 ROY tokens to start the game. The rewards of this mode are more than all other crypto royale game modes.

In Crypto Royale, there are tournaments that players can participate in every week from Monday to Saturday and earn money. These tournaments open at 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm GMT. Of course, a separate tournament has been planned on Sunday at 3:00 p.m., the reward of which is much higher.

What are the benefits of playing Crypto Royale?

Crypto Royale is another crypto game that can be installed on Android and IOS devices. This game has a number of different advantages, which we will introduce you to the advantages of Crypto Royal game:

Advantages Description
high security All information in the game is encrypted by blockchain technology, and user information is completely protected.
transparency Since blockchain technology is used in this game, all public transactions can be seen and there is no possibility of cheating in the game.
Storage value There is a possibility that the crypto royale game token will increase in the future, so it is worth saving.
Economic In-game costs are lower than other Chinese games and more facilities are provided to players.
diverse Gamers can play multiplayer and participate in attractive competitions of this game.
attractiveness The gameplay and graphics of the game are attractive and high and bring a new experience to gamers.
Ability to generate income By using in-game items and Crypto Royale game tokens, people can easily make money from this game; Because they own the game items and tokens.
Good future of the game It is predicted that the number of players of Crypto Royale game and also the token value of this game will increase in the future.

How to connect Metamask to Crypto Royale game

As you have noticed, Crypto Royale is one of the games that increase the income of gamers. It is possible to earn money while playing Crypto Royale, which has increased the popularity of this game. Another feature of Crypto Royale game is to connect Metamask wallet to this game. People can easily connect their Metamask wallet to the game and deposit or withdraw digital assets to the game. How to connect the Metamask wallet to this game is not so difficult and you only have to go through the following steps. If you have forgotten your wallet information, get your information by reading the Metamask wallet recovery tutorial.

Crypto Royale game is on Harmony One network and you need to add this network to your wallet first. If you add this network to Metamask wallet, you will be able to import or withdraw your assets to this game. How to add Harmony one network to Metamask wallet is as follows:

  1. First, enter the Metamask wallet
  2. Click on the user account section or on your profile
  3. Click on the Add Network option
  4. Then enter the following items in the requested sections.
    • Network Name:  Harmony Mainnet
    • New RPC URL:
    • ChainID:  1666600000
    • Currency Symbol:  ONE
    • Block Explorer URL:
  5. Save the network, now you will be able to transfer ROY token to this wallet.

How to add ROY token to Metamask

ROY digital currency is not in the Metamsk wallet and you have to add it to this wallet through Metamarket Coin website. To add ROY token to Metamask wallet, click on Import Tokens at the bottom of your phone screen. Be careful that your blockchain must be Harmony, not Ethereum. You must enter or copy the token address you copied in the requested section. Enter the address in the Token Contract Address section and then click on Add Custom Token. After this ROY digital currency has been added to your wallet.

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Deposit and withdraw money in Crypto Royale game

After creating Harmony One network and adding ROY token to Metamsk wallet, gamers will be allowed to add assets as well as withdraw. To deposit digital currency to the Crypto Royale game, do the same as depositing money to exchanges. To do this, click on the word Deposit. You can convert AVAX, Matic digital currencies to ROY digital currency.

Withdraw money from Crypto Royales game

It is possible to withdraw money from this game; But sometimes for some people, the duration increases. To withdraw, enter the crypto routine game and then click on the Withdraw option. After clicking, enter the ROY token amount that you intend to withdraw from the in-game account. After entering the amount, click on Withdraw as ROY.

How to sell digital currency ROY

In order to be able to cash out your purchase, you must go to ViperSwap or SushiSwap exchanges! Use on ViperSwap or SushiSwap. Note that the fee for doing this is a bit high, so it is better to convert ROY currency to ONE. After this, you can easily convert your money into the currency you want.

last word

Undoubtedly, the future of the gaming industry depends on Play to Earn games. In the articles on the best ways to make money from Metaverse, we talked about the importance of Metaverse, and now you know the reason for its popularity among users. The issue that separates crypto royale game from other metaverse games is the possibility of playing without registration and payment. Players are able to play and earn without any restrictions. In this article, we tried to clearly and fully explain the answer to the question of what is the Crypto Royale game. If you are also interested in the world of Metaverse and making money from it, be sure to read the digital currency training page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the popularity of Crypto Royale?

This game has been able to attract the attention of many people by implementing the plan of playing along with earning money.

Is Crypto Royale game free to play?

Yes, it is possible to play this game without paying any fees.

How to connect Discord to Crypto Royale?

Players can get rewards by connecting this game to Discord. Enter the Ranked section of the game and then click on the Link Discrd option to enter the section connecting the Crypto Royal game account to your Discord account.

Is it possible to connect another wallet to this game?

Any wallet that supports the Harmony One network can connect to this game. Note that do not trust any wallet and only go for valid wallets.

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