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What is digital currency holding? What is Hodel?

What is digital currency holding? What is Hodel?

As you know, the digital currency market always surprises traders with price changes. Sometimes the value of digital assets increases or decreases, which causes the loss or profit of many people. There are traders in the digital currency market who believe that some digital assets will increase in value in the long term. This group of people try to keep digital currencies in their wallets to earn more money. What these traders do is called digital currency holding or holding. Holding digital currency is a very suitable option for those traders who do not take risks. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the concept of holding digital currency or what Holden is. Therefore, to learn about another method of earning dollars, read the rest of the article.

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What is digital currency holding?

Digital currency hold means that you buy digital currency and keep it in your wallet for some time. When the value of the digital currency desired by the trader increases and reaches the desired price of the trader, he sells it. People who seek to make money from this method do not take the risk of buying and selling on a momentary basis and are generally called long-term investors. For example, if you had bought the Bitcoin digital currency a few years ago or suppose in 2008, you could easily sell it now. But the holding of digital currency does not always end in profit, and it is possible that the price of that asset will drop sharply and lose its value completely.

For example, Luna digital currency was not very valuable at the time of its launch, but after a while its value increased. This price increase made traders think about holding Luna digital currency. Therefore, many people started buying this digital asset, but after a few months, its value dropped so much that many traders made losses. Therefore, it cannot be said for sure that holding digital currency is a correct and forward-looking thing. If you want to learn about Luna digital currency, read the article What is Luna digital currency? Of course, if you invest your capital in a certain asset that will benefit you in the long run, it is a wise and correct thing to do.

Be careful that if the value of your desired property decreases, do not despair and do not sell it quickly. Of course, don’t forget the fact that whenever you prevent a loss, it’s a profit, so be sure to get informed about the trend it may have in the coming months.

Is it better to trade or hold digital currency?

Now that you are familiar with the concept of holding digital currency, is it better to trade or hold? Trading in the digital currency market requires a lot of information and knowledge. But earning dollars from trading is usually more than holding digital currency. Because people buy and sell digital currencies in short periods of time and usually get a good profit. Holding digital currency has a different process than trading. In this case, the trader buys digital currency and holds it in the hope that one day its value will increase. In this case, the amount of possible profit and loss cannot be easily predicted. Because its value may increase in a few years, and it is not possible to reach a general conclusion through candles, charts and tools.

Therefore, it cannot be said for sure that trading is better than holding digital currency or vice versa. Every trader can choose one or both paths, for example, be a Bitcoin holder and trade on a daily or weekly basis. Of course, it goes without saying that novice traders mostly go to Holden digital currency, because they do not have much knowledge about this market. If you are one of those traders who are looking to gain knowledge and quick dollar income from the cryptocurrency market. The digital currency training course is the best choice to achieve your goals in a short period of time.

Is it safe to hold digital currency?

The cryptocurrency market is a place that is always the focus of hackers and fraudsters. On the other hand, digital currency exchanges are the worst place to store and maintain digital assets, because many times people’s assets have been stolen in exchanges. For example, the Binance exchange, which is the largest exchange in the world, has been hacked once, after which 7000 bitcoins were stolen. Also, if you do not use your user account in an exchange for a long time, the exchange will block that account and your account will not be opened until you re-verify your account.

Hence, if you want to store your assets in a safe place, digital wallet is the best option. If you haven’t made a digital wallet yet, read the article on how to make a digital wallet. Currently, the best digital wallets are Trust Wallet, Metamsk and Atomic Wallet, which you can choose from. Until this part of the article, what is digital currency holding, you got acquainted with this income method. But how can you really make money from it?

How to make money from holding

Now that you are familiar with the concept of holding digital currency up to this part of the article, it is better to get acquainted with how to acquire it. There are several ways to earn money through holding.

  • Maintenance and storage of digital currency
  • Digital currency lending
  • Digital currency investment companies
  • Digital currency staking

In the first case, a person buys digital currency and keeps it in his wallet for a long time so that its value increases. In this case, the trader usually reaches his desired profit and suffers less loss. Crypto lending is another way through which investors can lend their assets to other people and receive interest in return. While lending, the person places his digital currency in the platform or exchange, during which the asset is blocked during the lending period, and at the end, the individual’s asset is delivered to the person along with its profit. Digital currency investment companies benefit users who help in this field by participating in the mining process or other processes.

The guarantee of profit in this method is very high and few people will suffer losses. Digital currency staking has little resemblance to the lending system. In this case, the person puts his property in the liquidity pool of the exchange and earns profit in return. The exchange gives you a profit in exchange for solving the liquidity problem of the exchange, and after the end of the profit period, you can withdraw your assets from the pool. If you intend to choose this method, it is better to read the article on the best cryptocurrency staking sites before starting.


Holden or holding digital currency is one of the many ways to make money from the cryptocurrency market. Using this method, people can earn dollars in the lowest possible currency risk. The digital currency market is a market where you will easily lose your capital if you are not familiar with its parts. Therefore, most beginners who do not have enough knowledge about this market go for digital currency holding. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the concept of holding digital currency, so that you can earn money using this method.

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