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What is investment?

What is investment?
  • What is investment?
  • What are the investment methods in Iran and the world?
  • What are the best financial markets for investment?
  • What are the benefits of investing?
  • What are the requirements for a successful investment?


What is investment?

Investment is the conversion of financial funds into one or more types of assets that will be kept for some time in the future. Therefore, doing this requires managing investors’ wealth. This wealth includes the sum of current income and the present value of future income; Therefore, the present value and the concept of compound interest can play an important role in this process.

Types of investment methods in Iran

If you intend to invest, you can do it in different ways, according to the extent of the financial markets and the liquidity of each one, and taking into account your risk tolerance and investment vision.


Opening a long-term savings account and receiving bank interest is one of the investment methods with little money that has been popular among people for a long time. Of course, if you have a lot of capital and you are not a risk taker, saving in the bank is considered a good way to invest.


Investing in the stock market is another method that is associated with a lot of risk and entering this market requires acquiring the knowledge and expertise of fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

cash desk

Fixed income funds and ETF funds are other investment methods. A stock fund or ETF is more profitable than a fixed income fund, but since it is affected by stock market fluctuations, it is associated with more risk. But fixed income funds bring less profit and are suitable for risk-averse people.

Buying gold and coins is another investment method that is mainly associated with profitability. But as in the article “Buy dollars, digital currency or gold?” We said, don’t forget to have a long-term view when buying gold and coins so that you get an acceptable profit. Also, the Kian Gold Investment Fund is also a suitable alternative for buying physical gold.


Many people choose the method of buying and selling cars for investment. For example, you can buy a car by registering and in installments and sell it at a free rate and profit from this price difference.


The housing market is also one of the markets that has its own enthusiasts, and except for the periods when the housing is facing recession, it is mainly associated with profitability.


Bonds include partnership bonds, Islamic treasury bonds, sukuk, and debt bonds, among other types of securities, which are considered low-risk investment methods.


Buying and selling currencies such as Euro and Dollar is another investment method that has its own fans. The foreign exchange market is very risky, and among its risks, we can mention the increase in purchase requests during pilgrimage and tourism trips. Also, the presence of brokers is very effective on the fluctuations of this market. But by investing with a long-term view, the risk of the currency market is reduced.

Business startup

Investment does not end only with buying a product and keeping it and selling it at the right time. You can start your own business and spend your capital to strengthen and prosper it.

Dedicated cart management

Portfolio management companies invest in the stock market as a representative of investors and in the name of the investor, and dedicated portfolio management, i.e. portfolio management, makes investments for each person according to the characteristics of that person.

Types of investment methods in the world


If you have a complete knowledge of the rules of trading in global markets, working in the global forex currency market is a good way to invest. Due to the unlimited fluctuation of prices in forex, it is possible for you to earn unlimited profits from this market.

Digital currency

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many other digital currencies are suitable options for investment, which, in addition to being highly profitable, also have high security. Just note that do not enter this market until you have acquired sufficient skills and knowledge in the field of digital currency.


One of the investment methods that we have seen especially in recent years is buying property and housing in other countries. Many Iranians, in addition to preserving their capital, gain added value by buying property in neighboring countries.

Diversification in investment

Now that you are familiar with the different investment methods both in our country and internationally, you should pay attention to never spend all your capital in one method. Because it is always possible that any financial market will face unexpected fluctuations. Therefore, if you diversify your investment, you can minimize your risk.

The best financial markets to invest in 1401

Buying bonds, gold, coins, from digital, real estate, currency, dedicated portfolio management and many other methods that we mentioned above are various investment methods that you can choose according to the risk and liquidity of each of these markets, as well as considering Taking your own risk tolerance, you can choose your target market.

Important elements of investment

Investment, regardless of its amount, is a necessary thing in everyone’s life. But a person who has such an intention must first of all determine his goals, measure his conditions and also evaluate the conditions of his investment subject in order to achieve the desired result. In the following, we examine the most important factors affecting investment.

The amount of risk taking

The rate of return of an investment is directly related to the level of risk tolerance of the investor. For example, fixed income funds are considered a low-risk way of investing, but investing in the stock market is considered a high-risk way. Therefore, you should choose the right investment field according to your risk tolerance.

Purpose of investment

Your investment goal is also an important factor in choosing an investment method. For example, if a person intends to invest with the purpose of making a profit, his performance will be different from a person who invests with the purpose of preserving assets.

Investment interest rate

Some investment methods are more profitable than other methods, but at the same time, they impose more risk on the investor. For example, depositing in a bank is a low-risk method, and the profit from it is lower than the stock market, which is a very high-risk method.


Liquidity means how quickly and at what price you can convert your investment into cash. Liquidity is an important element that can be effective in choosing an investment method. For example, a bank deposit has high liquidity, but the sale of property and land is a time-consuming process and may take months.

Financial conditions of the investor

Another important pillar in investment is considering the investor’s financial conditions. As an investor, keep in mind that you should never risk your entire property, but by estimating the monthly installments and daily expenses and deducting these expenses from your monthly income, spend the remaining amount on investments so that you don’t have trouble meeting your daily expenses. don’t be

The age of the investor

A person’s age is also one of the important pillars of investment. For example, consider a person who, at the age of 25 and at the peak of risk-taking and experiencing excitement, intends to invest in the hope of earning more profit. On the other hand, consider a 65-year-old person who invests after retirement with the aim of preserving his capital. As you can see, the approach of these two people will be very different from each other.

Acquiring investment knowledge

Another important factor that you should consider before investing is to gain enough knowledge about each of the markets to operate in that market. For example, in order to operate in the stock market, you must first learn how to get the stock code. Also, participating in the training courses of Rehvard Academy can be very helpful in this field.


Short-term, medium-term and long-term investments each require their own strategies. If you cannot afford to lock up your assets for a long period of time, choosing long-term methods is the biggest mistake you can make. Also, expecting huge profits in the short term is also a misplaced expectation. Therefore, you should include the time factor in your investment to achieve the desired result.

Where should we invest according to our risk taking power?

If you have a high risk tolerance, you can invest your money in the field of digital currencies, buying and selling currency, as well as operating in the stock market and stock funds. But if you are a cautious person with low risk tolerance, you can use fixed income funds, bank deposits and property purchase for investment.

Where should we invest according to our budget?

If you have a high risk tolerance, you can invest your money in the field of digital currencies, buying and selling currency, as well as operating in the stock market and stock funds. But if you are a cautious person with low risk tolerance, you can use fixed income funds, bank deposits and property purchase for investment.

Where should we invest with a budget of less than 100 million tomans?

If your capital is less than 100 million Tomans, you can invest it in buying gold, coin deposit certificates, currency, funds and bonds.

Where should we invest with a budget between 100 million and 1 billion tomans?

With capital between 100 million and 1 billion tomans, you can buy and sell cars, digital currency, and stock market.

Where should we invest with a budget of more than 1 billion tomans?

Buying and selling real estate both in Iran and in neighboring countries and starting a business are among the activities that you can do with a capital of more than 1 billion Tomans.

The essentials of a successful investment

In order to have a successful investment, you must follow the following requirements:

Acquiring investment knowledge

One of the essentials of successful investment is acquiring sufficient knowledge, expertise and skills to be present in the target market.

Long-term or short-term vision

Being patient and having a long-term investment vision is one of the other requirements for successful investment. Long-term strategy reduces investment risk.

Investigating the level of market risk

Before investing in any market, evaluate the risk level of that market to adapt your risk tolerance to it and enter that market if you wish.

Identify the right market

Check all the financial markets and analyze their performance from the past to today and see how much their returns have been. Then, enter your target market.


Liquidity is one of the most important investment requirements. For example, after selling shares in the stock exchange, the money is deposited into the person’s account up to two working days later, and in this way, the stock market has relatively high liquidity.

Why should we invest our money?

All human beings are constantly trying to improve their welfare and economic conditions in their lives, and to achieve such conditions, they set goals for themselves. For example, a person may want to buy a house or a car or household appliances or want to save for things like marriage of their children. In all these cases, planning and choosing the right investment method is very important.

Suppose three people B, A and C, who have the same monthly income, plan to set aside one million Tomans of their income for shopping every month. Person C saves his monthly income. Person B invests his income in a bank deposit with an annual return of 18%. Person A invests his income in an investment fund with an average annual return of 30%.

As you can see, even though these three people have the same monthly income, at the end of 10 years, the capital of person A has become almost 6 times the capital of person C and 2 times the capital of person B. This example shows well that the way each person deals with his income can play a very important role in his future financial situation. Therefore, in order to secure your financial future, you must have a suitable source of income and plan your income accordingly.

What are the benefits of investing?

Investing helps you manage your budget and expenses in a targeted manner. Also, by investing, you will be able to become an entrepreneur and bring added value to your capital.

Online investment

Today, with the advancement of technology and the expansion of the use of the Internet in daily life, all activities are moving towards development on the web and going online. Investments are not excluded from this, and online investments include activities in the stock market, buying and selling of digital currencies, etc.

Personal investment

Personal investment consists of studying trading strategies, checking the risk of each method, their profitability and choosing the method that suits the investor’s conditions. For example, you can decide whether to buy NFT tokens or digital currency based on your own circumstances.

Purpose of investment

The purpose of investors in investing is mainly to grow and develop their capital and benefit from its benefits in the future. They may usually keep their capital for a long time, over years and decades, and benefit from its profits. Of course, investment in different sectors has different meanings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best investment methods in Iran and the world?

All investment methods, including buying and selling property, digital currencies, gold, currency, coins, etc., are good and appropriate methods; But due to the difference in the personality of investors, their budgets and their risk tolerance, it is not possible to prescribe an investment prescription for everyone, and everyone should choose the right method according to their own circumstances.

What are the characteristics of successful investors?

Realism is one of the most important characteristics of successful investors. For example, when you have bought a share in the stock market that has a long-term downward trend, you should not wait for a miracle so that the share will suddenly start growing in an upward trend. Rather, you should quickly stop your loss and as soon as possible, put aside your bias and sell your shares.

Can we get rich by investing our money?

One of the functions of investment is to add value to our budget. For this purpose, it is very important to participate in training courses and learn about proper investment methods.


Buying dollars, digital currency and gold are among the popular areas of investment in recent years. All three of these assets are globally valued and the economic, cultural, social and political events of the countries of the world lead to the fluctuations of these markets.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of buying dollars, digital currency and gold will help you to choose the right area when deciding to invest in each of these markets, taking into account your risk tolerance, investment horizon and the amount of your capital. do.

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