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What is Mining Rig?

What is Mining Rig?

Today, digital currency mining has become a profitable and income-generating method, and everyone can use this wonderful feature to their advantage. Therefore, it is better to know that mining or extraction of digital currencies is possible using different methods, one of the most important of which is rig mining. Usually, most investors have this question, what is a mining rig? How should it be used?

Rig mining actually refers to a set of processors or graphics cards that are placed next to each other to mine cryptocurrencies. In any mining rig, usually a large number of these parts can be put together and the best possible performance can be achieved.  

Features of rig mining 

Rig mining is known as one of the main digital currency mining equipment and includes very powerful graphics cards and processors. This extraction device is a special type of integrator that several graphics cards together can easily perform special calculations to extract cryptocurrencies.

In general, rig mining is very similar to a normal computer and uses almost the same hardware and operating system. Most mining rigs consist of several GPUs and are placed inside special boxes that are responsible for cooling.

These rigs have more than a power or PSU because their power consumption is often more than 1000 watts. Note that this depends on the type and number of graphics cards.

Introduction of rig mining machines 

Now that you know what Mining Rig is? It is better to familiarize yourself with the types of devices based on hardware and know what features each one has. Therefore, we suggest not to ignore the following. 

  • CPU

One of the most common and easiest mining rigs to configure and install are CPUs. These rigs are basically several computers connected to each other that have formed a system with high and strong processing power. Usually, in order to maximize performance, most miners look for multi-processor motherboards or multi-core processors to easily maximize mining power for their own benefit. Therefore, the arrival of rig mining replaced them very quickly.

  • GPU

GPU or graphic processors are very popular among users and they can be used to mine digital currencies such as Ethereum Classic, ZCash and Ethereum. What you have in a graphics card rig is a computer and several graphics cards are connected to each other so that you can use them as a mining accelerator.

Each graphics processor also acts as a mining node, which provides extremely high power to users. Be careful, this power will increase several times according to the number of available processors.

Due to easy maintenance and ease of assembly, graphic rigs are more popular with small miners. These graphic rigs have a very high variety, and if a miner is mining a rig or ethereum and it is no longer possible to use that rig, he can easily change the mining program and redirect it to another currency. The same rig was used to extract other digital currencies.

  • FPGA

FPGAs are another type of commonly used tools that can be used to mine different currencies. Building a miner using FPGA generally provides a suitable mining capacity for various digital currencies, but mining optimization with the help of ASIC and GPUs has replaced them with these new methods.

  • ASIC

Integrated circuits for special applications or ASIC is a suitable tool that is used by many miners today. This circuit is actually a hardware device that is specially designed to perform private tasks. For this reason, ASIC miners are so powerful that they were created to get the maximum possible power for this purpose and all traders can use it.

Mining rigs have different types and you can use different models according to your needs.

Some of the most popular mining rigs in the market

People who know what Mining Rig is? and they intend to use a suitable sample, it is better not to make a choice without sufficient information and do the necessary research in this field. Therefore, in order to make a better choice in this section, we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular and widely used mining rigs in the market.

  • Shark mini mining rig

One of the most popular mining rigs that you can use is the shark mini mining rig. This model of rig mining does not generate much heat and has a very affordable price. The shark mini mining rig has the ability to use 4 graphics cards at the same time, and all traders can take advantage of it. 

  • PandaMiner B5 Plus mining rig

This mining device is a unique product that can install 8 graphics cards and performs mining with a hash rate of 110 megabytes per second. This collection is hard to find in the market now and not everyone can get it easily.

According to the theory of some experts, by using this device, you can easily return your initial capital within 3 years. Usually, investors who are in the business of  buying Tether  and intend to mine Ethereum, can use this device and witness excellent results.

  • MSI Infinite A mining rig

MSI Infinite A mining rig is another example of the most popular mining rigs in the market, which has an advanced ventilation system and a great central processor. Of course, the price of this hardware is very high and not everyone can afford it.

  • Bitcoin Gold GPU Miner mining rig

This model of rig mining can support 6 graphics cards and is considered an ideal option for mining initial investment cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Gold GPU Miner mining rig performs mining with a hash rate of 2000 per second and has desirable features that cannot be seen in any device. 

Important factors for mining digital currencies  

To extract different digital currencies or prepare a mining rig, be sure to consider a series of important factors so that you don’t run into problems later and witness the best possible performance and efficiency.

  • processing power 

Processing power or hash rate is actually the same hardware power that is used to process information and has its own equipment. Be careful that the necessary information is specified on its hardware, and if you combine a large number of these equipments, your hardware power or hash rate for mining will increase significantly.

In general, the higher the hash rate of the device you want, the more profit you can make. The more the number of miners, the more difficult crypto calculations will be. For this reason, you should not be indifferent to the processing power. 

Keep in mind that the processing power or hash rate of all cryptocurrencies is not the same and some have differences. The amount of speed to solve encrypted equations is not the same and varies.

The amount of profit for a miner depends on his hash power in the network, and the hash rate is also an important measure of the miner’s hardware power, which is calculated per second. In this case, your device will send events and incidents several times per second to easily find the right answer.

Do not forget that the processing power of networks is constantly increasing and if the hash rate of rig mining remains constant, your power in the network will decrease and as a result, you will get a lower profit. So, as the processing power of the network increases, be sure to update your equipment completely and try to increase their number.

  • High noise and heat generation

As you know, if you work from the computer for a long time, your system and graphics card will get very hot. Now consider a set of graphics cards working continuously at maximum power. In this way, more heat will naturally be generated.

Apart from heat, rig mining fans also create sounds that will increase if the number of graphics cards increases. To reduce the heat, you can use suitable devices designed for ventilation. Of course, it should be noted that providing these devices has a cost and also increases electricity consumption significantly.

To reduce the annoying sound of rig mining, you can also use advanced and new technologies that reduce the sound. Some people also use special oil to insulate the rigs to reduce the high noise of rig mining. To do this, you need to pay separate fees.

  • The cost of electricity consumption

Note that rig mining consists of powerful hardware that is used to process information. Normally, computer and electronic equipment consume a lot of electricity. Now consider how much electricity the mining rig uses at its maximum power.

In this way, you will definitely have to pay more for electricity. Many people who are members of the digital currency signal channel take advantage of areas with cheaper electricity to mine different digital currencies using rig mining.  

Although rig mining uses less electricity than miners, you can start it at home. Of course, in general, you should also consider the cost of electricity and think about reducing it as much as possible.
Be careful that the power consumption of graphic cards is different and you must calculate it carefully and then measure whether this work is affordable or not. In order to calculate the costs of setting up a rig mining device, it is better to get help from a calculator and experts in this field.

  • Initial cost 

Another important point to consider is the initial cost of setting up this hardware. Apart from the costs related to electricity, the purchase of equipment to cool the mining rig and reduce the noise, you should also consider the initial cost of setting up.
Currently, with the increase in the price of the dollar in the country, graphics cards with different processing power have very high prices. With the importance of the cryptocurrency market, the demand for rig mining equipment is increasing day by day, and this has caused their prices to rise.

For this reason, it is recommended that before you enter the mining industry, in addition to the price of digital currency, you should also calculate your capital so that you do not face more serious problems later and you can proceed with more detailed planning and earn a good profit. 

To build a mining rig, it is better to learn the necessary training in advance so that you don’t suffer losses and get the best possible output.

Necessary equipment for mining rig construction 

After you understand what is Mining Rig? It is better to learn how to make it. Normally, the construction of a mining rig does not require much expertise, and anyone can make this device at home by providing the necessary tools that we have introduced below.

  • motherboard

The motherboard you use to build a mining rig must have at least 4 PCI-E ports and also support 4 graphics cards. Currently, there are various models of motherboards in the market that you can buy a suitable option according to the capital and budget you have.

  • chassis

The mining rig chassis is a metal frame that you can put the parts of the device inside after connecting them together. You can make this device yourself or buy it ready-made. While buying, be sure to pay attention to its quality and go for high-quality models so that you don’t suffer losses later.

  • RAM

Normally, you will need a RAM with a minimum capacity of 4 GB to build a mining rig. Therefore, be careful in your choice and don’t go for low-capacity RAMs.

  • Processor

The processor you choose for rig mining must be compatible with the motherboard. Processor power is very important, but you can also use medium models.

  • HDD

For rig mining, you can also use HDDs and you don’t need to go for SSDs. Try to have at least 50 GB of hard drive.

  • graphic card

The graphics card is known as the most important part of the rig mining device and its correct selection is very important. Be careful that every mining rig must have at least a few powerful graphics cards. 

  • Cable

Cables are also known as connection lines between different parts and their health is very important. So be careful in your choice as much as you can and go for cables that are standard.   

  • Power supply

The power supply must have enough power to meet the needs of powerful graphics cards. Otherwise, the rig mining device cannot perform well.

If you have hardware skills, it will not be difficult for you to assemble the parts of the mining rig. But if you don’t fully know what Mining Rig is? and you don’t have enough skills to do this, it is better to get guidance from a skilled and expert in this field to ensure the correct assembly and proper operation of the device. 

Important tips for making rig mining 

  • If you intend to extract using the GPU, consider a control point for yourself to manage the extraction more easily. 
  • The graphics processor you choose should have enough capacity so that you don’t run into problems.  
  •  The choice of ASIC or GPU should be made depending on the type of mining because each processor cannot be used for all coins. Basically, before choosing ESIC, you should carefully check the rig mining power, electricity consumption, profit and other important features.
  • Remember that sometimes choosing the most expensive ASIC or GPU does not guarantee you a significant profit and may even lead you to a loss. 
  • Another important point that you need to consider for rig mining is mining software. The software you want should be optimized to get the most out of the equipment you use. If your rig is some kind of GPU, it should be optimized for that processor.
  • Since it is very important to provide power to the rig, be sure to choose the power source carefully. Asics typically consume high power and GPUs require lower power. Whatever you choose, you must be able to power it.
  • Note that depending on the power and number of graphics cards in the mining rig, you will need a 500-1200 volt power supply.
  • As mentioned before, all electronic devices need a cooling system due to overheating, and if the temperature of the system increases more than normal, the device may lose its efficiency and be damaged. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen a suitable cooling system for your device.
  • Be careful in choosing the location of the mining rig so that the device has a suitable placement surface and does not produce too much noise.

Be careful that every type of digital currency cannot be mined using rig mining.

The most suitable digital currencies for mining with rig mining 

Another important issue in choosing rig mining is digital currencies that can be mined using it. For example, if you use a GPU rig, you cannot mine currencies that require an ASIC. These currencies usually include Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

Due to the fact that ASICs are much more powerful than GPUs, most users cannot mine using GPUs in these blockchains in order to receive profit. Therefore, in certain situations, it is better to use an ASIC rig and invest enough in strong equipment so that you can mine more confidently.

If you use GPU, it is better to know that currencies like RavenCoin or GRIN can be easily mined, but your profit may be limited. 

Advantages of rig mining 

If you also analyze and trade different digital currencies using the digital currency signal, it is better to familiarize yourself with the advantages of mining with rig mining. For this reason, we recommend that you do not ignore the items mentioned in this section.

  • Various choices

In general, any digital currency that can be mined can be easily mined with the help of a graphics card. Of course, you should keep in mind that mining currencies such as Bitcoin, which are usually mined using Asic, is no longer very cost-effective with a graphics card.

However, mining currencies such as Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Green with the help of a graphics card is much more convenient and profitable. Among the things that are not paid much attention to, is the ability to extract future and new currencies with graphic cards, which is very important.

  • Easy shopping

In order to mine using a graphics card, you need to install a graphics card mining rig. Note that the parts required to build this device are almost the same parts that you will need to assemble or build a normal computer. You can easily buy the necessary parts for mining rigs in different models and with desirable qualities and see the best efficiency and performance from them. 

  • Easy to sell

Apart from mining, graphic cards are also used in other fields such as graphics and gaming. In this way, selling their second-hand models is much easier than Essic, and anyone can easily sell them.

  • Low power consumption

Although the power consumption of rig mining depends on many variables, in general, graphic cards consume much less electricity than ASIC devices.

  • Warranty 

Usually, graphic cards have valid and long-term warranties, which in some models reach more than 3 years. Currently, there are many agencies in Iran that you can use their services in case of problems or breakdowns in rig mining machine parts and repair or replace them without any trouble.  

Disadvantages of mining with rig mining 

In addition to knowing the answer to the mining rig, what is the Mining Rig? And the advantages of extraction with this device, it is better to know the disadvantages related to extraction so that you don’t get into trouble later. Therefore, in the following, we have examined the most important disadvantages of extracting different digital currencies with rig mining.

  • Complex configuration

These devices have a complex configuration and may not be well understood by everyone. Of course, as we explained before, this work is somewhat like building a home computer, but with the difference that it requires more precision to connect the parts.

  • High cost

In most cases, users will need to spend a lot of money to start mining using rig mining because the accessories of this device are very expensive and not everyone can afford to buy it. 

  • Late return of capital

Due to the heavy costs of building a mining rig, the return on initial investment is much longer. For this reason, people who want to quickly return their capital should not go for this device.

  • Physical space

Graphics card mining rigs often occupy a lot of physical space, and the number of cables does not give it a beautiful appearance.  

Mining different digital currencies with the help of a rig mining device does not require much expertise and any trader can do this as quickly as possible. 

last word

By this part of the article, you have definitely understood what the Mining Rig is? And why do they use it? Therefore, if you ever intend to use this advanced device, be sure to use the best graphics cards to start it to see better results. Also, for Binance authentication, it is better to get help from people who have enough experience in this field to avoid some possible problems. 

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