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What is NEO digital currency?

What is NEO digital currency?

Neo digital currency was launched in 2014 by OnChain. The founders of Neo believe that by using blockchain technology, they can gradually promote the smart economy in global communities.

In fact, the country of creation of Neo is China, but in some cases it is also called Chinese Ethereum due to its similarity with Ethereum. Neo’s position in the world today stems from its unique features and capabilities compared to other digital currencies. Stay with us to learn more about this currency.

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Neo currency

“Neo” is an independent network and Chinese digital currency that was built using “Blockchain” technology. It is interesting to know that Neo was called “AntShares” at the beginning, from 2014 to 2017. Da Hongfei and Eric Zhang, the main founders of Neo digital currency, intend to promote digital assets in different communities by using the blockchain network and smart contracts.

In the not too distant future, this team will provide you with a platform so that you can benefit from the benefits of the smart economy by using Neo’s exclusive network. Achieving a smart economy is possible when there is a reasonable connection between digital asset, digital identity and smart contract.

When you invest in this network, in addition to the main NEO token, you will also benefit from the GAS token. So it can be said that the uses of each token are different from each other and the NEO token shows the amount of your shares in the blockchain network.

In fact, using this token, you can create new blocks and manage the network. On the other hand, the GAS token is given to users who have purchased the NEO token, in simpler terms, the GAS token can be considered as a profit that is given to you as the right to use the network.

For a better understanding, consider this example; You must have dealt with banking systems and you know that some of them consider a certain amount as interest for you every month.

As a result, the GAS token is just like the interest you receive from the bank on a monthly basis. The number of each of Neo and GAS tokens is 100 million units, keep in mind that Neo tokens cannot be divided in any way and their smallest unit is considered 1.

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