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What is Oxy Infiniti? Axie Infinity game tutorial and AXS token introduction

What is Oxy Infiniti? Axie Infinity game tutorial and AXS token introduction

It is the year 2023 and we should no longer be surprised to hear about innovative and new blockchain-based projects such as raising virtual pets. Axie Infinity is a project that does exactly this and has managed to attract a lot of attention so far.

In this article, we will first introduce the game Axie Infinity and then we will go to its special token called AXS. At the end of the article, you will see that the purpose of this game is not only entertainment, but it can be a great source of income for all video game lovers.

In the distant times, our fathers and ancestors earned good incomes by raising animals and selling them, and apparently now it’s our turn to do this in the virtual space! Even if you do not intend to invest in this project, be sure to stay with us in the rest of the article.

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What is Axie Infinity?

Oxy Infinity is a game based on the blockchain network that has its own characters and tokens.

In order to better understand this project, it is necessary to get acquainted with the concept of “non-fungible tokens” (Non-fungible token) or NFT. In currencies like Bitcoin, each unit has no difference with another unit and they can be easily exchanged. In other words, 1 bitcoin that you have is exactly equal and similar to 1 bitcoin that your friend has; But this is not the case with non-fungible tokens. In these tokens, each unit is different from another unit, and therefore they cannot be exchanged with each other.

Perhaps one of the first non-fungible tokens that led to the popularity of this type of token is the “CryptoKitties” project. In this project, which is basically a blockchain-based game, each unit represents a cat with its own characteristics. In other words, in the blockchain of this project, each cat plays the role of a bitcoin unit in the blockchain of this currency; With the difference that in the Bitcoin blockchain, all bitcoins are equal to each other, but in the cryptocurrency blockchain, each cat is different from another cat. For example, a cat can have a special breed, color, name and ID that is not the same as other cats.

“Axie Infinity” is also a blockchain-based game similar to Cryptokitties, which has been developing day by day since 2018. In this game, the characters are called “Axie”. Like Cryptokitties where each unit was a cat, in Oxy Infinity each unit is a cartoon character that you can own and control.

You can store your oxys in your digital wallet, just like Bitcoin, or send them to other addresses compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Most importantly, you can trade your oxys with others and earn money that way. In addition to these characters, there are other tokens in Oxy Infinity that include lands and virtual items in the game world, and they can be owned or traded just like the Oxys themselves.

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In Oxy Infinity, you can enter the Adventure Mode section and go to the battle of the creatures of the “Lunacia” world with the cooperation of other players and in the form of a team. Lunasia is the name of the land where the events of Oxy Infinity take place. Also, in the Arena Mode section, you can take your oxys to battle with other people’s oxys and fight with each other.

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