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What is personal investment and why is it important?

What is personal investment and why is it important?

The first episode of Rahman’s videocast

We all know how important personal investment and financial discipline are in life. The problem is that if such topics are “useful” for a non-Iranian, it is “necessary” for us Iranians!

Inflation reduces the value of our money every day. If we have inflation of 25% per year, given the compounding effect of this inflation, it will take only three years for all prices to double, which means halving our assets. So we have to work and maintain the value of our property.

The guide tries to be a light on the path of personal investment. In this videocast, we try to express the content in the simplest possible way to suit all spectrums of our audience.

The issues we will go to include “what assets to invest in”, “what types of common financial scams exist and how to protect ourselves from them”, “how to manage our assets” and such topics.

In this program, we try to examine all these issues from the point of view of an employee (fixed income) and a freelancer (variable income) so that people with any lifestyle can identify with it and it can be helpful for them.

We have devoted the first episode of this videocast to “Why should we invest?”, “What are the obstacles that delay this work?” And we present “several simple solutions for budgeting” suggested by prominent people in this field.

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