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What is Raka digital currency? Comprehensive training and zero to one hundred earning from Radio Kaka!

What is Raka digital currency? Comprehensive training and zero to one hundred earning from Radio Kaka!

Before you know what the Raka digital currency is and what its uses are, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the reasons for its launch. As you know, after the spread of the corona virus, all educational centers switched to online teaching. This issue caused the design of a method to eliminate these exorbitant costs due to the heavy costs it brought. This method, which was designed by Radio Kaka, was able to remove many problems of online teaching using Metaverse technology. In the continuation of this research, we intend to provide you with a complete and clear answer to the question of what is Raka digital currency, so don’t miss this article.

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What is Raka digital currency?

Recently, Kaka Radio and a group of digital currency scholars from Cambridge University started working to build an educational system in the Metaverse environment. As in the article What is the game Second Life? We explained, Metaverse is an emerging technology that has been able to connect the virtual world and the real world. As a result of this merger, many job opportunities were created; But the application of Metaverse goes beyond this. With the passage of time and the spread of the Corona virus, a thought was created in the minds of these people to design an environment so that students can study in Metaverse without any problems. Those interested in learning Metaverse can read the free Metaverse training course to gain a better understanding of the future of the Internet and the digital currency market.

The advantages of Kaka Radio educational space

After answering the question of what is Raka digital currency, it is better to know the advantages of this popular cryptocurrency. As it was said, after the spread of the corona virus, the educational environment around the world suffered a heavy blow. Before this, Metaverse had a special importance in the field of digital currencies; But considering the educational programs of Radio Kaka, we can definitely expect a favorable future from Metaverse. So far, big companies such as Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft have started working in Metaverse technology.

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In the continuation of this article, we have introduced the most important features of the Radio Cock educational program in Metaverse:

Intelligent educational program based on Metaverse

So far, this fact has been accepted by society that teaching and learning tools are no longer limited to traditional and old equipment. For example, before the quarantine and switching to virtual education, teachers and students were provided with good educational equipment. These educational facilities were such as modern boards, video projectors, etc.; But with the help of Metaverse technology, new educational tools such as 3D environments are available to teachers.

Educational equality

One of the most important reasons that led to the design of Radio Kaka’s educational program today is the inequality in the education system. With the help of Radio Kaka’s training program, people in places that have limited educational resources for any reason can enter the class and receive training just by connecting to the Internet. Historical places, libraries and many other things are easily accessible to students with the help of this program. On the other hand, there are cryptographic technologies such as NFT in this training program. The reason Kaka Radio uses NFT is to make the works unique in a fair way. To learn more about non-fungible tokens (NFT), read the NFT definition article.

Educational Justice

The developers of this educational program design characters with the help of non-changeable NFT tokens. This feature prevents the violation of teachers’ rights and makes a fair environment available to users. In this case, it is possible to sell training courses for teachers easily. Also, with the help of this program, all assignments, essays, exams and grades of students are registered in the chain. As a result, with the help of this educational platform, Metaverse and Blockchain play a very important role in the fate of the future educational system.

Launch of USM Metaverse by Kaka Radio

So far, we have answered the question of what is Raka digital currency. We also provided you with a better understanding of Kaka Radio Company; Now it is better to get to know USM metaverse a little. As it was said in the section about Raka digital currency, this platform has designed a program so that users can study and teach in it; But how? Radio Kaka platform is building a metaverse called USM so that they can put all their educational programs in it. Of course, this metaverse is not only for education and teaching.

At the beginning of the work, there was talk of making mini-games in the style of Play To Earn so that users can earn money by playing. If you have read the article What is Crypto Royale game, you know the importance of this topic. It is better to know that the native token of this platform is called RACA, which is very similar to the AKS token in the Oxy Infinity game.

Raka’s digital currency NFT

Raka digital currency supports smart contracts and asynchronous tokens. Raka digital currency has created a platform similar to the OpenC platform where those interested in the world of NFTs can build NFTs. This platform has the ability to connect to the Binance Smart China network; Because blockchain is implemented on this network. You can easily buy your favorite NFTs on this platform using Raka cryptocurrency. One of the projects under Raka’s development team is the Metamon game. In the following, we will introduce you to this exciting game.

What is Metamon game?

Metamon game is another blockchain game where you can get NFT. Players can invest in different parts of this game using Raka digital currency. This game has different characters which are called metamons. In order to start this game, you must choose one of the characters you see in the picture. It is possible to buy all the characters in the game with Raka digital currency. Each of the characters in the game has special powers and abilities, and their prices are different based on these. Of course, this game has created another way to get these characters, which costs less. Players can own game characters by purchasing character eggs. The name of Metamon eggs is Metamon Egg, which can be purchased through Raka Radio Token.

After you buy these eggs you have to wait for them to grow into an adult metamon. Gamers can get game characters through in-game boxes (mystery box). These boxes are in the NFT Collections section of the game and can be accessed from this section. By purchasing these boxes through Radio Kaka digital currency, you will have a chance to receive one of the game’s characters.

What is RACA token?

As mentioned, Raka is the native and main token of the Kaka Radio project, which operates based on the BEP-20 standard on the platform of Binance Smart China. It should be noted that due to the popularity of the Binance exchange as the best exchange around the world, the programs and tokens that are made in the blockchain of this exchange receive a lot of attention, which also applies to the Raka digital currency. Do not miss this article to get to know the Binance exchange.

Raka’s top wallets

Considering that Raka is a BEP-20 token, users can store this popular token in Metamsk wallets, TrustVault, etc. Read this article for instructions on how to use the Metamask wallet.

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Should we invest in Raka digital currency or not?

Since Raka digital currency has educational goals and was created to improve the educational process, it is a promising currency. The Raka cryptocurrency team aims to create educational justice and educational equality using this platform around the world. Using this platform, teachers can record students’ grades, assignments, and exams, which are stored in the blockchain network of this digital currency. Therefore, the blockchain network will create a big change in the world of education, and this shows the future of Raka digital currency. Of course, keep in mind that in order to invest in digital currencies, you have to check them from different angles.

Reading the white paper, reviewing the roadmap and the analysis that big investors have done about that digital currency are among the things that should be taken care of when choosing a cryptocurrency for investment. Also, checking which companies the digital currency creation team has cooperated with and will cooperate with is also influential in the future of that cryptocurrency. An analysis has been done according to the previous prices of Raka digital currency, which indicates that its price value will increase. It is predicted that the price of this digital currency will cross the price of 0.002 and enter the price range of 0.003 by the end of 2022.

What are Raka’s digital currency plans and projects?

Radio Kaka game has cooperated with different platforms, all of which are the best and top blockchain projects and digital currency market. In the following section, a list of companies that have cooperated with Kaka Radio game is given for you.

  • Binance exchange:  As you know, Binance exchange is the largest and most reliable exchange in the world of digital currencies. This exchange cooperates with Kaka Radio in broadcasting airdrops and selling NFTs of Kaka Radio game.
  • Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Network:  Raka Token is located on the Binance Smart Chain Network, this blockchain network is one of the fastest and safest blockchain networks.
  • Creative Arts Agency:  Creative Arts Agency or CCA is one of the largest entertainment agencies that operates in the fields of film, music, video games, theater, online content and fashion.
  • Collaboration with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory:  The Stanford Laboratory, which has been active in the field of artificial intelligence since 1962, is active in the field of artificial intelligence with Kaka Radio.
  • Space X Foundation:  Elon Musk founded Space X to reduce the cost of space transportation to Mars. Radio Kaka works with this big company in the field of NFT and digital artworks.
  • Cooperation with Koda9 Company:  Koda9 Company operates in the field of robotics, which cooperates with Kaka Radio game in the field of making NFT from this company’s robots.

last word

In this article, as we promised, we tried to give you a complete answer to the question of what is Raka digital currency. As you have seen, it is not far off to realize the goals of Kaka Radio organization relying on Metaverse and crypto games. The interesting thing that you need to pay attention to is that after the release of the Raka token, Radio Kaka organization was able to terrify competitors after a few months without using widespread advertising and excessive expenses. Considering the advantages of this platform, it will definitely occupy the Metaverse space in the not too distant future.

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