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What is the Alice game? Everything about Alice digital currency

What is the Alice game? Everything about Alice digital currency

Today, when the digital currency market has become more popular than before, many games have been launched for the phone and computer platforms where you can earn coins or tokens by doing certain activities. But all the distributed games do not perform very well and sometimes it just wastes your time, today we are going to explain the tutorial of My Neighbor Alice game, download Alice game and most importantly answer the question of what is Alice game? let’s pay To learn about the best free crypto games, don’t miss this article.

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What is the Alice game?

My Neighbor Alice game is a multiplayer game that is played around the world of Alice, in this game you can buy islands and start building on these islands. The game’s blockchain system is designed similar to Lahafi Farmvill and Animal Crossing, which allows players to collect NFT tokens that they own. The developer of this game, Antler Interactive, has designed the Alice game in such a way that in addition to the fact that players can build several houses on their islands and show off other players.

It has an interesting story. This has attracted new gamers to this game. The tokens that players get in this game are completely owned by them, the token used in this game is called Alice, which was first launched in March 2021 in the launch pool of Binance exchange.

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My Neighbor Alice tutorial

Up to this point, we answered the question of what is the Alice game. Now we are going to provide you, dear readers, with more information about how to play. My Neighbor Alice game is an open world game. Open world games are more popular among gamers than other games, because they engage players more with the game environment and make gamers feel less tired. In the Alice game, you can communicate with other players and also choose your avatar.

As it was said in the section of the game What is Alice, this game has many virtual islands, which are divided into smaller parts, so that each part belongs to one player, it is also possible that a player has There are many fields in the game. Each of these lands has its own token that the owners of that land can sell.

My Neighbor Alice game is a story-based game, in addition to being able to freely operate in the game and build on your land, you are also able to complete the story stages of the game. Assets in the game are represented by tokens, and accessing them, their rarity or abundance, as well as the price of the items is in the hands of the players of this game.

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Download Alice game

Keep in mind that the Alice game has not yet been released. This game is available on the Steam platform. To download the Alice game, you can visit the Steam store (store.steampowered), activate the notification of the Alice game, so that you can download and install it when the game is released.

What are the reasons for the popularity of My Neighbor Alice game?

In the previous episodes, we discussed what Alice game is and how to download it. Now it’s time for the reasons for the popularity of My Neighbor Alice game. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the Alice game is the use of NFT tokens, which those interested can study the NFT tutorial to learn more about the concept of NFT.

  • The style of this game is Open World.
  • This game has a story line that prevents you from getting bored in this game.
  • It has lending capability, so that players can lend their tokens to other players or borrow from other players. The game is designed in such a way that you will always receive your tokens after the lending deadline.
  • It has stacking capability, players can make money by staking their tokens.
  • It has its own token called Alice, this token has various uses in the Alice game so that you can buy and sell in the game, earn your dividends and participate in the game governance system.

Is Alice game free?

Currently, My Neighbor Alice game is free, but to buy special features, upgrade your avatar, and buy items in this game, you need to pay a fee. If you buy a series of special items to upgrade your land and assets, you can continue Sell ​​them at higher prices. It should be noted that this process can be considered as an income generating method. This game is being developed for the PC platform and will be released on the popular Steam platform in the spring of 2022.

What is Alice game token?

Alice token is implemented on Ethereum platform. This digital currency allows players to receive in-game money in exchange for NFT tokens. NFT tokens are unique cryptocurrencies that are suitable for representing rare assets in the real world. To learn more about non-changeable NFT tokens, you can read the NFT definition article.

What is the price of Alice cryptocurrency?

On March 5, 1400, the price of this cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange has reached $6.6 after a 9.8% decrease, and this cryptocurrency is currently ranked 186 on the Binance exchange. More details about this cryptocurrency can be found in the photo below. It is observation. If you want to get to know the Binance exchange, read the article on getting to know the Binance exchange.

The future of digital currency Alice

In the previous section, we introduced you to digital currency or Alice token; Now we are going to examine the future of this digital currency together. This digital currency is like other in-game cryptocurrencies and most of its use is in-game. Investing in this type of digital currency is risky; Because as the game becomes less popular, its price will also decrease. Therefore, before anything else, it is better to know about the future of Alice game and understand well what Alice game is and then invest in it. One of the sites that predicts the future of digital assets is the Digital Coin Price site. This site has predicted that the price of Alice digital currency will reach $83 by the end of 2026.

Of course, as we mentioned before, this price change is if the Alice game can appear successfully in the video game market. Another site that believes this digital asset will be worth more is the Price Prediction site. This site has predicted a higher price than the digital coin price site for the Alice token by the end of 2026. According to this reliable site, the value of this digital asset will reach $126 by the end of 2026. Another site that predicts based on the algorithm is the Wallet Investor site. This site also predicts a bright future for the Alice token. According to the prediction of this site, the price of this asset will reach $24,341 by 2024.

Is it possible to get NFT in Alice game?

As we introduced you to this game earlier, you can buy or sell land and other digital game assets in this game. It is possible for gamers to make NFTs from in-game equipment and assets. This game, like the Waves Ducks game, allows the conversion of in-game assets to NFT. Gamers can hold these digital assets and sell them on platforms such as the OpenC platform as long as their value increases. The price of Alice Game NFT assets varies depending on their rarity. The more rare the NFT, the more valuable it will be.


In this article, as we promised, we answered the question of what is the Alice game, the training of the game and its benefits. Alice game creates interesting and diverse features for players so that they can build and upgrade their lands, which are mentioned in this article. Keep in mind that blockchain games are developing over time and the revenue stream from these games has attracted more and more gamers to this style of games. Finally, if you are also one of the fans of metaverse and crypto games, don’t miss the free metaverse training course.

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