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What is the Kodal system? Introduction of Kodal reports for shareholders

What is the Kodal system? Introduction of Kodal reports for shareholders
  • What financial reports are included in the Kodal system?
  • How to view reports in the Kodal system?
  • How to view Kodal announcements on the Rahvard site


Kodal system or the comprehensive information system of publishers is an abbreviation of Comprehensive Database Of All Listed Companies. This system is actually an electronic system that was set up by adapting the information systems of other stock exchanges in the world and it is considered as a complete reference for the information of the companies admitted to the stock exchange. Since investing in the stock market requires studying financial statements and balance sheets of companies, it is necessary to use the Kodal system.


What is the system?

The main goal of launching the system is to provide a database of financial information of companies admitted to the stock exchange so that investors can easily access the information published by the stock companies active in the stock exchange and do not have to search for the information of each listed company. , refer to a separate site. It should be noted that all the companies whose symbol is included in the stock exchange organization are part of the stock exchange publishers and are required to publish reports approved by the stock exchange organization.


What information is included in the Kodal system?

Various reports with special applications are published in the Kodal system, which include:


Interim and final financial statements

According to the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Organization, listed companies are required to publish their financial statements with details in 3-month intervals. Therefore, a report titled 3, 6, and 9-month interim financial statements of companies, as well as the financial year report of companies that are presented after 12 months, will be made available to the public through the Kodal system.


Monthly reports

One of the other important and vital information that was required by the Stock Exchange Organization for all stock companies licensed to operate in the stock market since 2015 is the 1-month report of the company’s sales. In this report, the companies provide their sales statistics or the provision of services performed during the past month along with the sales volume and rate and finally the Riyal value of the total sales to increase the transparency of information about listed companies.

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Board activity report

When companies publish their 12-month financial statements, they are required to publish the company’s audited report in the Kodal system in order to hold a general meeting. After the publication of this report, the members of the board of directors of the company will publish important and vital reports on the state of the company according to the events of last year and the future situation, and publish all this information in the form of the activity report of the board of directors in the Kodal system.


Important information report of group A

Until February 2016, listed companies used to publish a report under the name of forecasting earnings per share for the financial year, in case of important events affecting their dividends, which caused a change of more than 20% in the company’s EPS. However, since February 2016, the stock exchange organization has removed these reports and instead approved that companies should publish important information that affects their dividends in a report entitled disclosure of important information of Group A and report the changes in the profit of each share.


Report important information of group B

Stock companies also publish other important information that does not directly change the profit of each share, but is part of the information that shareholders should be aware of, in a report entitled Group B disclosure of important information.


Interpretive management report

In the past, all the expectations of the management were published in the form of the earnings per share forecast report, but now, together with the interim financial statements, a report called the interpretive report of the management is published in two online formats and a PDF text file. In this report, the management describes its sales expectations.


Announcement of invitation to meetings and decisions

In case of holding any assembly, it is mandatory that reports about the time and place of its holding be sent to investors 10 days in advance. This assembly can be a regular annual assembly, capital increase, election of the board of directors or any other assembly. After holding the assembly, reports on the decisions taken and the results obtained from it should be made public.


Notes to financial statements

According to the law of the Securities and Exchange Organization, all listed companies are required to publish the audited report of the company for their 6-month and 12-month reports. All listed companies have an internal auditor, and the said report is prepared by an independent auditor outside the company, which is approved by the stock exchange organization. The report of the independent auditor is published in a report entitled information and financial statements for 6 (12) months. It should be noted that the main title of this report is generally notes accompanying financial statements.


Capital increase report

In order to hold an extraordinary general assembly to increase capital, companies must submit several reports, all of which are available to the public in the form of Kodal announcements. First, the report of the justification plan for the capital increase is published in a report entitled the proposal of the board of directors to the extraordinary assembly regarding the capital increase.

Then, this report is sent to the auditor and the legal inspector, and after approval by the two, a report titled the opinion of the auditor and the legal inspector regarding the capital increase in Kodal is published and sent to the stock exchange organization. The opinion of the stock exchange organization is included in a report titled documents and documents for the request for capital increase in the system. After going through all the steps, the company is obliged to hold an extraordinary meeting within 60 days.

Features of Kodal system

  • Expediting the provision of securities issuers’ information and its public disclosure
  • Creating a mechanism to facilitate the process of preparing and disclosing information
  • Creating optimal and suitable reporting mechanisms based on global principles
  • Providing users with easy access to notifications
  • Providing the possibility of more effective monitoring of the way of providing and disclosing information
  • Increasing the transparency of information by reducing the time it takes to prepare and release information and increasing accuracy in calculations and controls
  • Increasing the coordination of intra-organizational and extra-organizational units and improving the level of information


What is the Tedan system?

The Kodal system has been set up to include specialized information from listed companies. But the information included in is collected in a completely specialized manner, and for this reason, novice investors will not have the necessary knowledge to extract the information they need.

For this reason, the Tedan system has been implemented to provide important analyzes of companies and collect daily news about the status of active companies in the capital market. In this way, with the Tedan system, even beginners in the capital market can get the information needed to analyze financial data.


How to view and download reports in Kodal

To access the financial reports in the Codal system, after entering, click on the tab “Search for announcements”.


Now, as you can see in the right box, you must enter the information of the symbol or company you want and specify the reporting period. Now, by clicking on the search button, all the reports will be listed in the left part of the page in order of date.


As you can see, there are different icons in front of each report, each of which provides a special possibility for the user.

Icon number 1:  view the report inside the Kodal system

Icon number 2:  Download the file in PDF format

Icon number 3:  Download the file in Excel format

Icon number 4:  Download the announcement attachments

Icon number 5:  View the desired report in the Tedan system


How to view Kodal announcements on the Rahvard site

On the Rahvard site, it is also possible to view the balance sheets of companies and financial reports published in the Kodal system. For this purpose, after entering the Rehvard site, enter the Kodal notification header.


Another way to view Kodal notifications of trading symbols is to type the name of the desired symbol in the search box and select the notification option on the corresponding symbol page from the report header.



The Kodal system is actually a comprehensive publisher information system in which companies are required to publish their financial statements with details in 3-month intervals. Interim and end-of-term financial statements, monthly reports, activity report of the board of directors, important information report of groups A and B, management interpretive report, announcement of invitation to meetings and decisions, notes accompanying financial statements and capital increase report are among the reports that are in the system. Kodal is published.

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