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What is the Lost Size Calculator indicator? LSC indicator training

What is the Lost Size Calculator indicator? LSC indicator training

Today, traders can use various tools to earn money from financial markets. Indicators are one of the tools that traders can use to increase their income. The Lot Size indicator is one of the indicators that traders can use in their transactions. You might be wondering what the Lost Size Calculator indicator is. The Lot Size indicator is another MT4 indicator by which you can calculate the correct lot or volume for your trades. This indicator is free to use and is one of the tools you will need in your trading. Stay with us until the end of this article to find the answer to the question of what is the Lot Size indicator and learn how to use this indicator in your transactions.

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What is the Lost Size Calculator indicator?

The LSC indicator is another calculation tool that is used in financial markets such as forex, digital currency, stocks, etc. This indicator is used to calculate the correct volume or lot size to use in your transactions. In financial markets, the value of each stock is determined according to the demand and supply of that asset, indicators also follow such conditions. In order for traders to get the real size of the indicators, they can use this indicator. The Lost Size Calculator indicator is used in technical analysis and gives traders the power to make better decisions about buying or selling stocks or digital assets. In this part of the article, what is the Lot Size indicator, we will explain this indicator and continue to teach it.

To use the Lost Size Calculator indicator, it is enough to enter the information about the stock (such as the value of the stock, the number of shares) and the information about the indicator (such as the moving average and its other parameters). Then the Lost Size tool does the calculations and shows you the actual size of the required capital. To use this indicator correctly, it is better to use digital currency technical analysis programs. For example, you can use platforms such as Tradingview, MetaTrader or Bloomberg. To learn how the tradingview platform works, read the tradingview training article.

You can easily use this indicator in technical analysis programs; Because it is free and easy to access. Using this indicator, you can easily recognize the entry and exit points of the market and reduce the risk of your transactions. To be able to manage your capital, read the capital management article.

What is the use of the Lot Size indicator?

Lost Size indicator is considered as one of the best analytical tools in financial markets. Using this tool, traders can calculate the volume of transactions and make more accurate decisions about buying and selling assets. By using the LSC indicator, traders can find the lot size or volume needed to enter the market. Each lot in the digital currency market is equal to 100,000 units of the same digital currency. Therefore, the size of the volume or lot of each transaction depends on the volume and type of digital currency. For example, in the forex market, the lot size is calculated in dollars, pounds, euros and other foreign currencies. On the other hand, the size of the lot depends on the level of risk and the type of trader’s transaction. This tool helps you to calculate the risk of your transactions.

With the help of the Lost size indicator, traders can calculate the required volume of each transaction and determine the best lot size according to the risk of their transaction. Therefore, traders have less risky transactions; Because they have been able to manage the risk of their transactions.

What are the advantages of using the Lot Size indicator?

Using the LSC indicator brings many advantages for traders. The advantages of using the LostSizeCalculator indicator are:

  • Determining the entry point:  Since this indicator shows the exact volume of each lot to traders, they can recognize the time of entry and exit from the financial markets.
  • Determining the trend:  using this tool, traders can find digital currencies or market trend stocks and invest in them.
  • Risk management:  Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the LSC indicator is risk management. Traders can use this tool to calculate the risk percentage of each transaction to reduce the possibility of damage in their transactions.
  • Determining the size of the trading lot:  The main use of the volume size indicator is to determine the trading lot. In this way, traders can more easily calculate the volume of their transactions.
  • Review of technical analysis:  This tool gives traders the ability to better understand technical analysis.

LSC indicator training

In this part of the article, we are going to teach the LSC indicator. To be able to use this indicator, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Lost Size Calculator indicator: You can download the LSC indicator through this link.
  2. Installing the Lostsize indicator: Then you need to add this indicator to one of your trading platforms (MT5 and MT4).
  3. Indicator settings: After installing this indicator, go to its settings section to load some of its parameters, such as risk level, by default. By accurately setting these parameters, the result of the indicator output will be very accurate.
  4. Using the indicator: After defining and adjusting the initial settings, you can use this indicator to determine the lot of your trades. To do this, just add the indicator to a default chart and perform your analysis using the signals displayed by this indicator.

Installation on Metatrader software

To use the Lost size indicator in the Metatrader software, just follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Lost Size Calculator indicator: First, download this program through this link.
  2. Then add this indicator to the Metatrader program.
  3. After that, move your mouse on the chart to select the starting point to calculate the required volume.
  4. When you click on the starting point, the indicator will consider the initial entry price for you.
  5. After selecting the initial starting point, you can see your risk percentage for the trade.
  6. You can see your lot size or transaction volume after the previous step.
  7. You can enter the calculated volume in your MetaTrader software.

In general, it is better to ask for advice from educational resources available on the Internet or from the digital currency consulting department about working with this indicator; Because using this indicator requires a high level of experience in technical analysis.


Indicators are among the tools that help traders in the financial markets. By using these tools, traders can make their transactions more accurate and with lower risk. The Lost Size Calculator indicator is one of the best technical analysis tools; Because traders can calculate the risk and volume of transactions through it. In this article, we tried to teach LSC and introduce you to another indicator of technical analysis.

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