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What is Trix indicator? Trix indicator tutorial

What is Trix indicator? Trix indicator tutorial

There are various transactions and methods to identify the price trend of digital currencies in the financial markets. Traders earn profits in the digital currency market using these methods. Indicators are one of the methods by which traders can make a lot of profit in the digital currency market and predict the price trend of digital assets. Indicator Trix indicator is an indicator that shows Tema’s triple exponential moving average. Using the Trix indicator, you can identify saturated markets and filter out small price movements. If you intend to use this indicator in your transactions and learn more about it, read the rest of the article.

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What is Trix indicator?

Trix (Trix) is one of the useful and unknown indicators that was introduced by Jack Hutson in the early 80s. Trix stands for Triple Exponential Average, which means triple exponential average. The Trix indicator is an oscillator that oscillates around its center line and combines the current trend with momentum. The purpose of creating such an indicator is to eliminate unimportant and baseless movements in the chart. By using this indicator, the price and technical analysis of the desired digital asset will be more accurate and professional. Also, if the Trix indicator is used as a movement acceleration oscillator, it will display overbought and oversold markets.

The main components of the Trix indicator are:

Trix line zero line
Percentage scale

The Trix indicator gives a buy signal on the zero line of this indicator. When the zero line of the Trix indicator breaks, a movement in the opposite direction is formed. If the trix line and the price are separated, it indicates a turning point in the market. This indicator is one of the best methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis and is very useful in market analysis.

What are the benefits of Trix indicator?

The Trix inductor has various advantages that have increased its use. The triple moving average formula used in this indicator takes out market noise and removes short-term market trend cycles. To learn more about indicators that detect market trends, read the article Best Trend Detection Indicators.

The advantages of the Trix indicator are:

It is the leading indicator Removing unnecessary noises and movements
Can be used together with other time indicators Identification of saturated markets

What are the disadvantages of the Trix indicator?

This indicator has two big flaws and problems, if it didn’t have these two problems, it would be one of the most reliable indicators. The disadvantages of Trix indicator are:

  • False crossovers
  • Delay in reacting to price changes

False crossovers

Trix indicator, like other indicators, has problems with trading in the range market and is not well used in this market. When the indicator moves the zero line up or down and then moves in the opposite direction; A false crossover is created. This event creates a tight range of range in the indicator. This happens regardless of the price of digital currency or digital asset, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of this indicator. If the market is not in an impulse trend, the Trix indicator will not give the right signal. This causes losses to traders, so it is better to use another indicator along with Trix. By reading the digital currency trading training article, you will learn well how you can earn dollars in this market.

Delay in reacting to price changes

Trix indicator is adjusted; Therefore, it cannot react well to price changes. Of course, sometimes this defect causes the profit of traders; Because every pullback does not mean a change of direction and exit from the market. Trix does not always signal based on price movement and does not reflect every action on price. For example, the trix may be trending lower while the price is trending higher.

Trix indicator tutorial

As you know, the Trix indicator is used to oscillate or identify momentum. If you want to learn more about volatility methods, read the cryptocurrency volatility training article. In the following, we will explain to you in which areas this indicator is used and how to work with it.

Detection of market saturation

Through the Trix Indicator, you can quickly identify oversold markets. When the indicator line returns from the extreme points, it indicates a trading signal. Therefore, signaling using this indicator is very easy and it is also possible to identify oversold and overbought markets. As shown in the image below, trading signals can be found in these breaks. The chart you see in the image below was created by the Trix indicator, which well shows the selling and buying points.

Detection of movement acceleration

Using the Trix indicator, you can also detect the acceleration of the market movement. This feature makes it easier and easier to find out the amount of growth or decrease in the value of digital assets. This feature helps to find the point of purchase and sale. When the indicator crosses the zero line, this can indicate the time to buy or sell. By having a good trading strategy and using this indicator, you can easily remove unnecessary parts and get buy and sell signals. If the indicator crosses the signal line from the bottom to the top, it gives us a buy signal, and if it crosses from the top to the bottom, it gives us a sell signal. Also pay attention to divergence and convergence; When the trend lines and the price chart move in two opposite directions or in the same direction, you should pay attention to this point.


Many indicators are used by traders in the financial markets, each of which has a special feature. Indicators help traders to see the equations more easily and guess the market trends more easily. The Trix indicator is one of the many financial market indicators that removes unfounded and unimportant movements in price charts and gives a buy and sell signal to traders. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the Trix indicator training so that you can make your transactions easier by using this indicator and easily profit from the digital currency market. Also, you can learn the points you don’t know about this market with the digital currency training course.

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