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What is Voxies game? What is VOXEL digital currency?

What is Voxies game? What is VOXEL digital currency?

Maybe today, few people expect to earn money from crypto games. Thinking that it is not possible to earn dollars from crypto games is completely wrong. Because many traders prefer to earn money from playing than buying and selling digital currencies. This type of games does not undergo various fluctuations like the cryptocurrency market, and most importantly, you take less risk. One of these crypto games that is also advertised on YouTube is Voxies. You might be wondering what Voxies game is and how to make money from it. If you are looking for answers to the questions that have formed in your mind, I suggest that   you read the continuation of the article on what is Voxies game .

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What is Voxies game?

Voxies is another crypto game through which gamers earn money. Players can win many prizes by using the Voxel token, which is the digital currency of this game. Using Voxle digital currency in this game, players can buy in-game items and compete with other players. Among the advantages that crypto games have over trading is that it does not require any prior knowledge of digital currencies. In-game items and tools can be converted to NFT and sold in the OpenC store. To learn more about the OpenSea platform, you can read the article What is the OpenSea platform. Unlike other crypto games, this game is completely free and you don’t need to pay any money to earn dollars.

In general,  Voxie Tactics is an integration-style tactical role-playing game with modern changes that gives the player a nostalgic and modern vibe with its gameplay features.  The game is heavily influenced by the great tactical games of the 1990s and early 2000s.  This game has two main gameplay modes: exploration and battle, which are seen in most RPG games.

Voxies gameplay

As we stated in the previous section of the article, what is Voxies game, Voxies is an RPG style game. People on the map of this game can easily move and look for the items they need in the game. Meanwhile, they may encounter enemies that they must destroy to reach their destination. This feature of the game doubles its appeal and makes it attractive and spends a lot of time in the game. In the continuation of the article, what is Voxies game, we will introduce the different modes of this game to you, dear ones, so that you can get to know more about this game.

Exploration mode

Exploration mode is a mode that  allows players to freely explore the world of Voxie Tactics.  Players encounter various adventures while playing and exploring.  As you progress, you will encounter different parts of the game world and look for solutions to solve the game stages. Exploration mode allows players to travel to different destinations and complete quest lines. By traveling to different parts, they get to know other creatures and items in this game. I will also find tools that will help them collect VOXEL tokens.

Gamers can earn VOXEL tokens by defeating in-game monsters and helping other game characters by completing tasks for them.  Voxie Tactics’ exploration mode is constantly expanding, bringing new experiences and interesting new locations to players.  Some native habitats that we will see in the game environment are: grassy hills, desert, snowy tundra, marshes and volcanic mountains.

Battle mode

Another mode in Voxie Tactics is the battle mode. The battle in this game is placed in different sections, in other words, the combat mode itself is also north of other sections. Among the modes of this game are survival mode, kill all enemies (Battle Royale) and save NPCs. By completing each of these items, prizes will be given to the winning player. In general, there are 3 types of movements or actions for players in this mode:

  • A movement key has been created to improve the battle environment and the comfort of the players. Through it, gamers can easily move around the map and destroy their opponents.
  • Another button that you can use in battle is for the spells and magic powers you have. By using them in time and correctly, you can easily destroy your opponents as much as possible.
  • There is also another button that is used to change your weapons and tools. Through it, you can quickly choose the right weapon to defeat your opponent.

What are the reasons for the uniqueness of Voxies game?

Voxies game is one of the most interesting crypto games that has many fans. But what is the reason for the popularity of this game, is this game really worth the time to start the Roblox game? There are 3 main reasons for the superiority of this game over other crypto games in addition to the fact that it is free, which we will discuss in this section.

Competitive Matches

Users can earn VOXEL tokens by participating in two PvP match modes. In the first mode, players can fight with another player using their main character. But in another case, use characters with the same strength and personality to fight with each other. The second mode will be very suitable and attractive for players who have good skills in this game.

Crafting Items

Players have the ability to combine in-game items and equipment to create more valuable tools. The more tools and items you use, the rarer your final item will be. On the other hand, making in-game weapons requires some crystals, which can be obtained by merging other crystals.

NFT collection

To date, nearly 10,000,000 NFTs of this game have been sold at various prices on the bonding curves. In-game NFTs are sold through Stones, which is one of the in-game tools. The next generation of characters in this game may be created through these created NFTs.

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What is Voxel digital currency?

Now that you are well acquainted with the concept of Voxies game, it is better to take a look at the token of this game. Voxel digital currency, the exclusive token of Voxies game that players can get while playing. Through Voxel digital currency, players can create NFTs and sell their favorite NFTs in various stores. Also, traders can easily buy this digital asset from reputable exchanges such as Coinbase. Currently, the price of Voxel digital currency is  $ 0.216829  .


Voxies game is another crypto game through which people can earn money. This type of games allows gamers to earn dollars while playing, which makes them twice as attractive. Another feature of this game is the possibility of making NFT from in-game items and selling them on different platforms such as the Rarible platform. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the Voxies game and its token and also answer the question of what is the Voxies game.

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