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What is Web Money? | Getting to know the applications (Webmoney)

What is Web Money? | Getting to know the applications (Webmoney)

Nowadays, one of the most common activities that you can do on a daily basis on the internet is internet and online payments. Even though the WebMoney internet payment network has been operating since 1998, it is possible that you are not fully familiar with this network and many parts of it remain unknown to you.

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Therefore, these two questions may arise for you:

First, why should you choose Web Money to buy from the most reliable online stores abroad, while other reliable payment systems in the world such as VISA and Paypal are also available?

Second, can you use WebMoney services inside Iran?

So be with us to answer these two questions.

What is Web Money?

“WebMoney” is an international payment system that you can use to carry out your online financial activities. In fact, WebMoney has made it possible for most online businesses and users around the world to send and receive money.

Web Money started its activity in 1998 in Russia and claims that it currently has close to forty million active members. So, WebMoney managed by WM Transfer Ltd can be considered as one of the largest electronic payment processors in Russia.

In general, through Web Money, Internet businesses can offer their products and services to people all over the world, and you will also be able to get the products and services you need in this way. Apart from this, one of the main services that Web Money will provide you with is that you can transfer money online all over the world.

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In fact, like PayPal, WebMoney is a reliable payment network that is used by different users for different purposes. Actually, by means of WebMoney, you can send money, receive money, make purchases and generally do all the activities that require electronic payment.

In many ways, Web Money is more complete and advanced than other electronic payment systems in the world, and therefore it has the ability to show more flexibility in providing different services to users.

Another interesting point about Web Money for us Iranians is that due to the establishment of this company in Russia and its activities based on the laws of this country, the laws related to banning Iranian users have been implemented by Web Money and you as an Iranian user can easily Use the services of this company.

Regarding the transaction fee in Web Money, it can be stated that the fee for each transaction in this system is 0.8% of the total amount of the transaction, and the maximum fee paid in the system is set at 50 euros.

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