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What is Wemix digital currency? All about Wemix cryptocurrency

What is Wemix digital currency? All about Wemix cryptocurrency

If the world of crypto games is attractive to you and you are very interested in spending your time in this area, it is better to go for games that support NFT. Because in addition to earning money from the game, you will also be able to collect works of art, which you can then sell based on the rarity or absence of these items and earn significant income. Wemix digital currency Wemix is ​​an NFT game platform that operates based on blockchain. This platform was developed by Wemade Tree in South Korea. Wemade, the creator of the Wemix platform, has completely taken over the development of this platform. Now, if you are also interested in making money from playing, it is recommended to read the article “What is Wemix digital currency?”.

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What is Wemix digital currency?

Wemix digital currency is a global platform based on blockchain and NFT. The platform was developed and made available to the public by a South Korean company called Wemade Tree Pte. Currently, this company has more than 600 million users worldwide. Wemix games use a gamification system based on blockchain that allows players to earn money. Games that use the GameFi platform allow you to buy and sell and become a collector of digital art (NFT). GameFi games are well integrated with blockchain technology to create an exciting and fun experience for the enthusiasts. To learn more about these works of art, you can read the article What is Cryptopunk?

Usually, games lose their appeal after a period of time. Players are always looking to reach the next level of the game and not be limited. On the other hand, game developers are looking for ways to increase the attractiveness of games. Wemix company has considered its main goal to solve this problem. Games that support Wemix currency interact in an interconnected ecosystem of developers and users to extend the lifespan of these games.

In fact, Wemix is ​​a platform for decentralized games where users buy, sell and collect NFTs within this platform by presenting their digital wallet. Wemix has been able to provide its users with a blockchain game ecosystem with a good UX, unlike other games in the blockchain field that are only created based on exchanging digital currencies or making money.

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What are the features of Wemix digital currency?

After 20 years, the Wemix platform still performs well.

It has more than 600 million users worldwide.

It has 10 subgroups and more than 10 investors.

You can easily authenticate in this program (via email).

Removing the steps of creating a wallet, activating an account and connecting it to games.

It is enough to play, they just download the game program in the Play Store and start the game.

It operates on a global platform based on blockchain and NFT.

It was created to provide services in video games.

The number of available tokens is currently 1,015,055,200, of which 123,233,682.38 tokens are in circulation.

In the first three months of its release, this cryptocurrency managed to capture 22% of the total NFT trading volume.

Download Wemix games

Up to this part of the article, we explained what digital currency is, and now we are going to review the many games of this series for you dear ones. You can download Wemix games from the official website The first Wemix-based game is CryptoTornado, which entered the world of digital games in 2021. After some time, various other games including:

  • Bird Tornado
  • Mir4
  • Aqua Tornado
  • Rise of Stars
  • Galaxy Tornado
  • Crypto Conflict
  • Fishing Tornado
  • Blade Reaction
  • God Of Fortune

In each of these mentioned games, there are sections where you can get NFTs, then convert these items into Wemix tokens. The God Of Fortune game initially attracted the attention of more than 1 million players, but it didn’t take long for the number of players to reach over 10 million players. As you can see, Wemix hosts many games, all of which use GameFi or NFT gamification. The goal of such blockchain games is to create a new economy for players to exchange their currency assets, such as NFTs, with other players. The economy generated by these games is decentralized, which means that no outside power will be able to control the market. The important point of these games is that they make it impossible to cheat. To learn about the best free crypto games, don’t miss this article.

Wemix digital currency future prediction

In the section of what is Wemix digital currency, we mentioned that the platform of this cryptocurrency was born in the last few years, now considering its emerging nature, we can say that we have seen a convincing performance from it so far. This cryptocurrency is currently ranked 219 in the world and its trading volume in the last 24 hours is 38,929,116 dollars. Wemix digital currency had a value of 0.18 dollars when it was released in late 2020, and after almost a year, its value reached 24.2 dollars, which is the highest value of this cryptocurrency so far, and after a few months, it reached 5 dollars. Fell. Keep in mind that the price of this cryptocurrency has made significant progress since its initial launch, which indicates a bright future for it.

Wemix price chart


As mentioned in the What is Wemix digital currency section, Wemix is ​​a blockchain-based platform developed by a company in South Korea. This digital currency allows players to collect NFTs in the game in addition to exchanging their assets. Players can convert NFTs into Wemix tokens whenever they want. Wemix plans to increase the number of games available on this platform.

Undoubtedly, this issue will not be unaffected in increasing the popularity of Wemix digital currency. In today’s article, we tried to answer the question of what is Wemix digital currency and examine the features and future of this popular currency. Finally, if you are one of those who are interested in crypto and metaverse games, don’t miss the free metaverse training course and learn how to earn money from these games. To get to know the latest games in this field.

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