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Who is Vitalik Buterin? Meet the creator of Ethereum!

Who is Vitalik Buterin? Meet the creator of Ethereum!

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian writer and programmer. He started his activity in the Bitcoin community in 2011 and since then, articles were written by him in the Bitcoin magazine.

Vitalik was initially recognized as a genius in Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency. He also claimed to be writing a creative and growing project worth more than $65 billion. However, Vitalik was just a 23-year-old boy with creative ideas and big dreams.

Vitalik Buterin’s childhood

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January 31, 1994 was the day Vitalik was born in the city of Klomna in Moscow. Vitalik was only 6 years old when his family immigrated to Canada to build a better life. While studying in the third grade, Vitalik participated in a talent search program. Participating in this program led to many opportunities in his path and to achieve a position that was unprecedented among his peers.

In this program, Vitalik realized his extraordinary talent and skill compared to other people and even his teachers. He had an innate talent in programming and mathematics, his interest and passion for learning economics was such that he attracted everyone’s attention. He could easily add eight-digit numbers mentally and much faster than his peers.

Buterin was alien to popular gatherings and gatherings, and most people knew him as a mathematical genius. In the same period, he was thinking about why he cannot live a normal life like other people in the society.

Some are of the opinion that Vitalik has hardly adapted to the Canadian culture. Vitalik’s extraordinary mental talent and incredible skills made him one of the pioneers in this field. On the other hand, continuous training in the field of internet systems that was provided to him had caused negative effects in his professional and personal relationships.

Vitalik studied at Abelard Private School in Toronto for four years. He always remembers that period as one of the most amazing and fruitful periods of his life. Abelard’s school completely changed Vitalik’s attitude towards education and lessons. The sudden change in his outlook after entering this school was remarkable.

In this school, Vitalik discovered his innate passion for learning, and since then, the acquisition of science and knowledge was considered one of the main goals of his life. He always got very good grades, but for a short period of time, Vitalik’s main focus was on progressing through the World of Warcraft game instead of doing homework.

He was a fan of this game since he was 13 years old, and this process continued until 2010, just before the changes of Vitalik’s character in the new version of this game. Vitalik cried all night, in fact, it made him think about the negative effects of distributed services on people’s lives. It was for this reason that he left the World of Warcraft game forever.

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