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What is cryptography in digital currencies?

What is cryptography in digital currencies?

“Cryptography” has been in our lives for years and has been manifested in different ways. This encryption using mathematical algorithms has been one of the security methods of the old times by which encryptions and decryptions have been done.

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For example, in World War II, the Germans used the Engima machine to encrypt messages exchanged between them. In 1932, three Polish people broke the Enigma code and gave the news to England and France just 5 weeks before the war. But with the start of the World War, the Germans were always changing the code of this machine, for this reason the Poles could no longer do anything because their method no longer worked!

A person named “Ellen Turing”, a mathematical genius of the 20th century, tried to build the “Bambi” machine, which created a huge revolution in the world of cryptography; Turing’s work and the creation of the Bambi machine became one of the main reasons for the defeat of Germany and the end of World War. Even Churchill told the King of England that the war was won thanks to this encryption.

History shows us that there have been traces of the science of cryptography and cryptography in all times, and these days, with the heating up of the digital currency market, this science has also moved towards digital currencies and has made significant changes in them.

What is cryptography?

“Encryption” or cryptography (Cryptography) means encrypting a message or data to protect it from different people. In general, in cryptography, the sender hides or encrypts the intended message with special keys and algorithms and sends it to the receiver, who can decrypt it using the pattern and primary key he has.

There are different ways to apply encryption to data or information; For example, before the modern era of technology, data transmission was done by changing letters in messages; For example, a message that carries the two words NRGEE SRGAS is called GREEN GRASS by changing the letters based on the encryption policy. This is a basic concept based on the principles of cryptography.

The concept of cryptography has been the same since the past and only its tools have changed. Over time, methods of implementing encryption for data have become significantly more sophisticated. Today, data encryption is done by computers and complex mathematical formulas, and currently, this technology is also used for digital currencies. Data or information is encrypted so that only certain people can know about this information.

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