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Mkdy  (MACD)  is a popular technical indicators of the family  “routing” that has the ability to detect momentum. Interestingly, this technical indicator is designed based on moving averages. In this section, we will go to the “Makdi indicator”  and get more familiar with it. Stay with us.

When you use an indicator, you definitely need an automated trading robot and strategist for that indicator.

This robot provides you with all the strategies that you can use in using this indicator as an artificial intelligence, and you can completely customize this robot for yourself by changing the inputs. By purchasing this robot, you can also request any custom changes in the robot from our team once, if needed, and this will be done for free for up to one month after the purchase. It should be noted that this robot has lifelong support and warranty, so do not worry about the robot failing.



This link is only for buying customized products. Use this link only if you intend to buy a custom product. Also, check with support before paying.


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